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Professor Belinda Colston Professor of Analytical Chemistry and Cultural Heritage Research interests lie in the...

Professor Belinda Colston

Professor of Analytical Chemistry & Cultural Heritage

By understanding mechanisms of degradative processes and kinetics of historic material decay, new analytical tools can be developed, and new conservation materials designed, to contribute to the sustainability of our cultural heritage.

Professor Mark Seaward

Professor Mark Seaward

Honorary Professor of Cultural Heritage

Research interests lie in the biomonitoring of the environment, particularly of air pollution, and in the biodeterioration of stonework, including monuments and works of art.

Dr Ron Dixon

Dr Ron Dixon

Reader in Biomedical Science

Research interests lie in the study of ancient DNA and palaeomicrobiology, with particular interest in the diagnosis of ancient infections.

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Dr Graham Lappin

Reader in Pharmacy                                   School of Pharmacy

Research interests lie in innovative radiocarbon dating methods, coupling accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) techniques with analytical chemistry. AMS is carried out in collaboration with the Universities of Uppsala in Sweden and Zürich in Switzerland.

 aAdrian Goodman modified

Dr Adrian Goodman

Senior Lecturer in Biology

Interests lie in the mechanical analysis of biological materials and the degradation and mechanical testing of historic and archaeological specimens.

 Dr Lynda Skipper 2

Dr Lynda Skipper

Lecturer in Conservation & Restoration                                                        Lincoln School of Art and Design

Research interests encompass how science can be used to aid our understanding of conservation.  Current projects include characterisation of historic pigments, and investigation of the effects of bacterial growth on deterioration of historic stonework.

 Gillian Fowler

Gillian Fowler

Dr Patrick Dickinson

Senior Lecturer in Computer Vision      School of Computer Science


Ami Pass

Research Fellow in Heritage Science

Research interests lie in understanding decay mechanisms of paper-based collections to inform the improvement of storage conditions, detection of heavy metals in historic environments, and development of new methodologies to identify historic pesticide residues in museum collections.

Nicky 3

Nicole Fielding

Athena SWAN Project Officer

Research interests lie in the mechanisms of material decay in the historic built environment, and in the development of new analytical methodologies for monitoring the movement of water in historic masonry.


 Dr Katy Hewis

Dr Katy Hewis

Visiting Research Fellow in Heritage Science

 Laura Karran

Laura Karran

Visiting Researcher in Heritage Science

Interests lie in the characterisation and identification of artificial stone used in the manufacture of 18th and 19th century garden ornaments, and in particular the development of a methodology to differentiate between manufacturers, such as Coade, Blashfield and Dalton.